Category: Distributor

For the installation of char, you must provide us with a computer on which to install it, either on a cloud server or a local computer.

The requirements of this equipment will depend on the complexity and integrated equipment. For the integration between a PMS and a standard system (PBX, IPTV, Hotspot, etc), it would be necessary for pmslink to have at least 1 GB HD, 1 GB RAM and a Windows7 or higher O.S on a non-dedicated PC (physical or virtual).

Internet access will be needed in order to enable char’s technical department to carry out maintenance, installation and the system start-up remotely. It is also needed for license activation and application download.

We use Teamviewer15 to make the remote connection, you can use the following link to provide us with the Teamviewer’s ID.

If the remote connection must be done through any other method, you must provide to char the connection data.

PMS interface activated to allow the connection with char pmslink.

System/Equipment interface activated to allow the connection with char pmslink.

It is mandatory to have technical support from the PMS and/or any external system/equipment to be integrated with char pmslink, in order to make adjustments, data verification, driver setup, etc. in case of necessity.

In order to integrate systems, a cooperation of all parts is needed (System/Equipment support, PMS support, End user support, Hotel IT Manager support, etc.)

Call Prices: In case PBX integration, we need to receive information about the price of each type of call (local, mobile, special calls, free calls) to create a new Operator for Call Accounting.