pmslink for PMS

The system that facilitates the connection of the PMS with hotel room systems and equipment

Communicate with all systems integrated with pmslink. No need to certify each of them.

pmslink enhances the capabilities of the PMS by making it easier for other systems to connect with it

Allows integration with hundreds of equipment and systems

The PMS will be able to communicate with all the systems integrated with pmslink (PBX, Hotspot, IPTV, Key Access ..). No need to certify each one of them.

Facilitates evolution

Adapt to new specifications and features of the integrated systems in a transparent way.

Makes integration of other systems with the PMS easier

char will facilitate the necessary development to integrate new systems with the PMS.

Effortless integration by PMS

pmslink adapts to the APIs / interfaces provided by the PMS and to its certification process. If an API is not available, a standard API and implementation support is provided.

Minimize technical support efforts

Minimize your intervention in the resolution of incidents. It keeps the systems involved monitored, facilitating the detection and correction of incidents.

Facilitates resolution of specific projects and complex architectures

Provides total flexibility to support any kind of protocol, complex architecture and any special requirement that may be required by PMS customers.

To PMS Cloud

Simplifies Cloud - On Premise connections

It facilitates the connection with on-premise systems (PBX, IPTV systems, Keycards, etc.), simplifying the connection of the PMS with them.

How to integrate with pmslink?

pmslink makes easier for hundreds of room equipment systems to connect with hotel PMS

pmslink for


Provides functionality far beyond call billing, helping with the attention tasks at reception, with housekeeping tasks, guest services, back-office support ...

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Facilitates the recording of keycards, especially in cloud and centralised environments, as well as the activation of mobile keys.

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Facilitates guest access to the internet in a simple and controlled way, managing profiles and levels, enhancing possibilities for promotions, marketing and the purchase of services.

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IPTV and Multimedia Systems

Allows the hotel and the guest to interact with each other through TV terminals, loudspeakers, smart panels, etc., enhancing them as an element of leisure, communication and marketing.

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Automation Systems

Facilitates the control of equipment and devices in rooms, connecting sensors with other systems and automating energy.efficient processes.

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Guest APP

Facilitates the Guest APP integration with the systems involved in improving the guest experience in the hotel: PMS, CRM, preferences, mobile access, guest services systems, productivity, etc.

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