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Integrated PMS Systems

In case that your system is not listed below, contact us to check the compatibility.

Integrated Hotel Equipment systems

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3CX – Hotel environment onlyPBXPBX IP system with open standards. Only available for hospitality integrations with PMS licensing with the PBX system.
Series 4000 / 4100 / 4200 / 80 / 100 / 200
OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE) / 4300 / 4400
OmniPCX Office (OXO) v3.x or higher
PBXIntegration with Alcatel-Lucent OXE (AHL), OXO (OLD) systems for hospitality environments.
Series 4xxx / 80 / 100 / 200 only support call accounting.
Allied Telesis VioCallPBXIntegration with VioCall systems for call accounting only.
*astTECS IP PBXPBXIP PBX system based on Asterisk. Hospitality features integrated.
AsteriskPBXHospitality features and call accounting supported using Asterisk protocol created by char or using manufacturer’s API.
PBXHospitality features and call accounting supported on Aastra 5000 y Aastra 400
Now can be found under Mitel’s brand and have been renamed to Mitel MiVoice Office 400 y Mitel MiVoice 5000.
Auerswald Commander Basic
ISDX-2048, K-64, K-100
PBXCommander Basic system only supports call accounting.
Hospitality features are supported only on ISDX-2048, K-64, K-100 models.
INDeX v9.0 Series
IP Office
Definity / Communication Manager / Aura
PBXOnly Call Accounting supported. Hotel features are not supported.
Integral 3 / Integral 5
Integral 33 / Integral 55
PABHospitality features supported on all BOSCH – TENOVIS -AVAYA Integral 3/33 and Integral 5/55 systems.
Call Manager v4.x or higherPBXHospitality features and call accounting supported on Cisco Unified
Communications Manager (CUCM) on versions 4.x or higher. For integrations with voicemail and other Cisco products, contact for further information.
Cloud5 Voice’s Hosted PBXPBXHospitality features and call accounting supported on Cloud5 Voice’s Hosted PBX.
NeXspanPBXHospitality features and call accounting supported on all NeXspan.
FlexiCom V.14 / V15
PMS / PCC 10
PBXHospitality features and call accounting supported on FlexiCom systems and PMS/PCC by Coral Telecom.
Varix 14/200
OpenCom X320
PBXCall accounting only. Does not support hospitality features.
HeroPBXHospitality features and call accounting supported on versions 4.3.2 or higher.
100% SIP system based.
Millenium IZ
PBXNetcom DKDA PBX manufactured by Nakayo Telecommunications Inc, (Japan).
Sold on Spanish market by Telefónica.
Call accounting only. Does not support hospitality features.
VigorPBXCall accounting only. Does not support hospitality features.
ICT 46/88PBXCall accounting only. Does not support hospitality features.
PBXHospitality integration only available on version 6.1.19 or higher.
BusinessPhone Select (BP Select)
BusinessPhone Evolution (BP Evolution)
BusinessPhone 50/250 (BP50 / BP250)
MD 110
MX One
PBXCall accounting supported on BP, MD110 y MX One.
Hospitality features supported on BP50 / BP250 / MD 110 / MX One (including version 6).
All the systems are sold by Mitel nowadays.

Hospitality integration only available on version or higher.
The UCM system must have “PMS HMobile” license in order to be integrated with our systems.
Certified partner with Grandstream.

char pmslink – Grandstream > See more


Innovaphone IP-PBX system. Version 13 or later.
More information on Innovaphone Wiki

char pmslink – Innovaphone > See more

Issabel IPBXPBXIP-PBX system. Open source based on Astersik.
KalliopePBXPBXVoIP switchboards that combine advanced technological features.
Aria OHO 308/624
GDK100 / FP II
LDK 20 / 50 / 100 / 300
iPECS 50B / 100 / 300 / 600 / eMG80
Starex – CS1000
MG80 / MG 100 / MG 300 / MG800
PBXGDK and Aria OHO only support call accounting. Other models support hospitality features integrated on char / HMobile solutions.
MC4500 / MC5420
PBXCall accounting supported on Matra MC4500/ MC5420.
Hospitality features supported on Matra MC6500.

Call accounting and hospitality features for CloudEXT IP-PBX.

Eternity PE3SP
Eternity PE6SP
Eternity GE6S
Eternity ME10S
Eternity ME16S
PBXHospitality features and call accounting supported on Eternity systems.
G1 / GDS-40 / GDS-64
GDS-160 / 320 / 640
PBXHospitality features and call accounting supported only on some models (see left column).
3300 ICP – PMS
MiVoice MX-ONE
MiVoice 400
MiVoice 5000
MiVoice Business
PBXHospitality features and call accounting supported on all Mitel systems.
Business Connect
PBXHospitality features supported on all series*.
(*Business Connect does not support call accounting.)
Sopho IPC 100
Sopho IPC 500
Sopho 2000 IPS
Sopho iS3000
PBXHospitality features and call accounting supported on all Sopho devices (listed on left column).
NEC Unified Solutions has been incorporated and integrated with NEC Philips Unified Solutions.
Neris 2
Neris 4/8
Neris 64
Neris i7
PBXHospitality features and call accounting supported on all Netcom Neris models.
Sold by Telefónica on spanish markets.
Optima 8/24PBXCall accounting only. Optima 8/24 system do not support hospitality features.
Sold by Telefónica on spanish markets.
Nonius IP-PBXPBXHospitality features on IP-PBX Nonius systems.
BCM 50/200/400
PBXHospitality features and call accounting on Nortel Meridian systems.
BCM systems only support call accounting.
IP StagePBXCall accounting on IP Stage systems for small business.
Opera PBXPBXCall accounting only on Opera Flexicom systems.
KX-TA 308/ 616
KX-TD 208
KX-TD 612
KX-TD 816 / 1232
KX-TD 500
KX-TES 824 / TEA 308
KX-TDA Series
KX-TDE Series
KX-NCP Series
KX-NS Series
KX-NSX Series
KX-NSV Series

Panasonic Solution Developer Network for Communication Products – Silver Partner since 2011.
Commercial agreement for Char products to be sold on international markets.
Hospitality features and call accounting on the following systems: TD 612 / 816 /1232 / 500 and all systems from the series TDA / TDE / NCP / NS / NSX / NSV.
TA/TD208/TES824/TEA308 systems only support call accounting (do not support hospitality features)

char pmslink – Panasonic > See more

PhoneSuite PBXPBXHospitality features and call accounting on PhoneSuite systems.
PBXCall accounting and hospitality features on OfficeServ systems.
DCS systems only support call accounting.

Partnership with Sangoma. Integration with IPPBX PBXact systems with char/HMobile. Advanced hospitality features and call accounting.

char pmslink – Sangoma PBXact > See more

S@e IPX / Sae Key
PBXCommercial agreement with Selta Italy.
Hospitality features and call accounting for S@e IPX / Sae Key y SAMip systems.
InstantOffice only supports call accounting.
Hicom 108/112/118/125/130/150
HiPath 540/1120
HiPath OpenOffice
HiPath 2000/3000/4000
HiPath OpenScape
PBXHospitality features available under Unify requirements. Please contact with our sales department for any related inquiry.
Call accounting is supported on all models without any special requirements.
Voz ManagerPBXTechnical Agreement with Siptize to integrate Voz Manager systems.
treeMTPBXIntegration with treeMT Multi Tenant systems for hospitality environments. Call Accounting and hospitality features supported.
Sofía systemPBXCDR file processing for call accounting of mobile devices using Movistar’s Sofía solution.
VIVAit SuitePBXIntegration with VIVAit Suite for hospitality environments. Outgoing calls and hospitality events.
One Net HotelesPBXIntegration with Vodafone’s One Net Hotels for call accounting and PMS
integration. Hospitality features supported: wake up calls, and mobile app for housekeeping control (HMobile).
One Net Hoteles
Voice CarrierPBXIntegration with Voice Carrier (USA) for call accounting and PMS
Voice Carrier
Virtual IP Vozelia (Service provider)PBXIntegration with Vozelia (service provider) for call accounting and hospitality features.

Integration with Wildix systems for call accounting and hospitality features.
char pmslink – Wildix > See more


Call management (call accounting) and hospitality features

char pmslink – Xorcom > See more

S Series IPPBX (S100 / S300 / …)PBX

Partners with Yeastar. Integration of S Series for call management (call accounting) and advanced hospitality features.

char pmslink – Yeastar > See more

CooVox-U seriesPBX

IPPBX system based on Asterisk. Hospitality features and call management (call accounting).

char pmslink – Zycoo > See more

4IPNETHotspotHardware Controller
Cibersuite Networks S.AHotspotCibersuite
Eurona Wireless Telecom S.AHotspotKubiwireless
N2S – New Broadband Network Solutions SLHotspotN2S
NomadixHotspotHardware Controller
Blue Octopus Wifi SLHotspotOctopus Wifi


Tecnologías Plexus S.LHotspotWi-Fi Guest
OracleHotspotOpera Hotspot Protocol (Partner – GOLD LEVEL)
Alcad Electronics S.L.IPTVAlcad IPTV System
Triax A/SIPTVMacnetix IPTV System
Arantia – Grupo TelevésIPTVArantia TV IPTV System
EasyOne S.A.MIPTVGHX Hospitality IPTV System
Ekselans by ITSIPTVEK Hotel TV IPTV System
HiBox Systems Oy AbIPTVHiBox IPTV System
Hotwire CommunicationsIPTVFision Stay IPTV System
Ikusi Redes de Telecomunicaciones S.LIPTVAvanTV / AccessTV IPTV System
InnQuest SoftwareIPTVroomMaster2000 IPTV System
TriplePlay Services Ltd.IPTVTripleTV IPTV System
InforIPTVInfor HMS IPTV Protocol
ONCOMMANDOnCommand VideoIPTVOnCommand Video Protocol
OtrumIPTVOtrum Protocol
OracleIPTVOpera IPTV Protocol (Partner – GOLD LEVEL)
ProtelIPTVProtel IPTV Protocol
QuadrigaIPTVIPTV Quadriga Protocol
Altare ExeonAutomation & Energy EfficiencyAltare Exeon BMS
EnkoaAutomation & Energy EfficiencySystem for energy management for hotels iSWITCH
ZennioAutomation & Energy EfficiencySystem Z-Guest / Z-Access / ZBMS
VolaraVoice & MultimediaVoice Solution Volara (Alexa)
STAYMyWay Smart Doors S.L.Key AccessMobile Key system Lock Up
Salto Systems S.L.Key AccessMobile Key system SALTO
Assa AbloyKey AccessMobile Key system ASSA ABLOY
FLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile AccessKey AccessFLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile Access
Mobail Apps, S.L. (STAY APP)Guest Mobile AppsGuest experience STAY APP
DescubreGroupGuest Mobile AppsWebApp DTouchGUEST
Astics Inc.Housekeeping.Aavgo
hguest experience S.L. (HMobile)Housekeeping.HMobile STAFF housekeeping
hguest experience S.L. (HMobile)MinibarHMobile STAFF minibar
RoomBarRoombarMinibarRoomBar system

ROBOTBASAutomation & Energy EfficiencyROBOTBAS

The level of Integration, functionality and features may vary from system to system according to their characteristics.

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used on this document are for identification purposes only.

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