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Integrating all hotel systems with an unique solution

pmslink allows the integration with


Property Management Systems (PMS)


Hotel Equipment and/or Systems

Voice Communication Systems (PBX)

Energy Efficiency Systems

Voice / Multimedia Systems

Automation Systems

Hotspots Systems

Guest mobile Apps

Housekeeping Systems

Kiosk Systems

IPTV (TV) Systems

Door Locking Systems

Minibar Management Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

… and continously adding new Hotel systems or equipment interfaces!

PMS integrated

Systems integrated

Hotels worldwide

Do you want to integrate with us?


PMS Integration

Hundred of PMS systems already integrated, including the major worldwide systems.


Hospitality Devices

Integration with Hotspot systems, IPTV systems, Guest Apps, Energy systems, …


Free softwre updates

Any new release will be available to be downloaded without any extra cost.


New Integrated systems

We are continously creating new interfaces to integrate new systems.


PMS SYSTEMS integrated

PBX SYSTEMS integrated


PMS Integration: INFOR HMS

PMS Integration: INFOR HMS

INFOR HMS integration. Integration with INFOR HMS to integrate the PMS system with any hotel's PBX and / or IPTV system. char pmslink has been certified by Infor to allow the integration with PBX systems. This interface is in addition to the already certified...

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PBX Integration: Innovaphone

PBX Integration: Innovaphone

Innovaphone. Integration with innovaphone PBX to allow the integration with hundred of PMS systems.The innovaphone PBX is a professional IP telephone system, suitable for any business size and business structure. Essential functions such as conferencing, voicemail,...

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HOTSPOT Integration: Octopus WiFi

HOTSPOT Integration: Octopus WiFi

Octopus WiFi integration Integration with Octopus WiFi system to allow the integration with hundred of PMS systems.Blue Octopus and char join forces by reaching a partner agreement to integrate the Octopus Wifi and pmslink products that provide multiple advantages in...

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IPTV SYSTEMS integrated

OTHER SYSTEMS integrated

IPTV Integration: EK Hotel TV

IPTV Integration: EK Hotel TV

EK Hotel TV integration   New integration with EK Hotel TV system to allow the integration with hundred of PMS systems.EK HOTEL TV BASIC is EK’s new platform for the distribution of multimedia content in hospitality settings. In addition to allowing the...

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Other systems: Aavgo

Other systems: Aavgo

Housekeeping integration: Aavgo  Integration with Aavgo system to allow the interaction with Housekeeping module.   Aavgo and char have joined forces to integrate Aavgo solution with any of the hundred PMS already integrated by char. Aavgo is focused on...

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PMS Systems integrated

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