The system that facilitates the connection between the hotel's equipment and systems with the PMS


Facilitates the connection of hundreds of hotel equipment and systems with hundreds of PMS systems in thousands of hotels.

Enhances the performance of integrated systems, making the most of their potential.

Facilitates hospitality features for equipment not specifically designed for this purpose.

Solves connectivity problems, because of architecture, location, access or links involved.

Allows any architecture, simplifying the centralisation of systems designed as local solutions.

Facilitates the maintenance and resolution of incidents by permanently monitoring the connection between systems, guaranteeing high availability.

Offers flexible purchasing formulas at absolutely reasonable costs.

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PMS - Property Management Systems

Collaborates with the PMS systems helping to increase their ability to integrate with hundreds of equipment, when appropriate, especially in cloud and centralised environments, simplifying the evolution of integrations and their maintenance.

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Provides functionality far beyond call billing, helping with the attention tasks at reception, with housekeeping tasks, guest services, back-office support ...

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Facilitates the recording of keycards, especially in cloud and centralised environments, as well as the activation of mobile keys.

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Facilitates guest access to the internet in a simple and controlled way, managing profiles and levels, enhancing possibilities for promotions, marketing and the purchase of services.

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IPTV and Multimedia Systems

Allows the hotel and the guest to interact with each other through TV terminals, loudspeakers, smart panels, etc., enhancing them as an element of leisure, communication and marketing.

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Automation Systems

Facilitates the control of equipment and devices in rooms, connecting sensors with other systems and automating energy.efficient processes.

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Guest APP

Facilitates the Guest APP integration with the systems involved in improving the guest experience in the hotel: PMS, CRM, preferences, mobile access, guest services systems, productivity, etc.

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Integrated systems are connected to each other, allowing them to communicate with each other, share information and complement each other.

The integration possibilities are open to any equipment or system and cover any need, with no other limit than its physical possibility.

What are your integration needs?


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