Category: Integrations

A. You are a distributor or you want to integrate a third-party system/equipment

You will need to provide us with a contact person from the relevant company so that we can take care of the integration process.

B. You are a manufacturer of hotel systems (PMS, PBX, IPTV, Hotspot,…)

These are the main steps to follow:

1. API is provided by the manufacturer

If possible, we prefer to adapt the API provided by the manufacturer, thus simplifying the development effort by the manufacturer of the system or equipment to be integrated with char pmslink.

The API documentation must be sent to char (, as well as any documents that must be signed to ensure the confidentiality of the information received by char (NDA).

Once the documentation has been received, our technical and development team will evaluate it and a report will be sent with any possible doubts that may arise in order to carry out the development of the interface, within a period of no more than 10 days.

2. Our standard API

In case no API is available from the equipment or system to be integrated, char will provide its standard HTTP REST API to allow the development of the connection interface to char pmslink. This API is in the public domain, so it does not require the signature of a specific NDA for its use.

It will be necessary to indicate to char a list with the Actions to be implemented in the development of the device. In this way, char will be able to create the corresponding driver for the test environment, validation and final driver. Continuous technical and development support will be provided to speed up the integration process and to solve any doubts that may arise.

In turn, a test environment will be provided for testing prior to certification/validation of the integration.

3. Signing of a technological cooperation agreement

Once development work has started, a Technology Cooperation Agreement between the two companies will be sent in parallel, with the aim, inter alia, of:

Authorisation for the use of the logo(s) of both companies. Inclusion of the new integrated system in the list of integrated equipment/systems. Publication of news of new integration carried out. Details of the data protection policy applied by char. Terms of confidentiality of information. Download document

The signing of the agreement is not compulsory, although it is recommended, in order to facilitate marketing and commercial tasks in the face of the new.

4. Signing of a technological cooperation agreement

Once the development has been completed, a date will be agreed for the validation tests to be carried out, based on the list of integrated actions. Once the tests have been carried out, the integration is certified.

5. Communication

On char’s side, it will be added to the list of integrated equipment/systems, thus making it easier for potential customers who need the integration to find it.

There is also the possibility of communicating the new integration through LinkedIn and mailing actions.

If required, we can collaborate in the creation of a news item on the portal of the integrated system/equipment, to publicise the success of the new integration and the benefits provided.