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Sent by char pmslink as a request to the PMS for the actions and stored data in the pending queue.

If exists pending messages, the PMS will return a maximum of 100 messages per query, and on receiving a reply confirming the reception, it will remove them from the sending queue.

If there are no messages, the PMS will confirm the process through the HTTP code 200, {“code”: 0, “description”: “OK”} without including response data.

Request: Post

Date -TimeYesStringdatetimeDate-Time requirement
YesStringuserUser. Required according to the type of authentication.
YesStringusertokenToken. Required according to the type of authentication.
YesStringGET_REQUESTObject containing action data
YesStringpropertyHotel’s ID for each installation. Mandatory on multi – hotel scenarios.


“datetime”: “2015-01-01T10:11:12”,

“user” : “user1”,

“usertoken” : “61e7c7371170a948eaf63fa578840025”,

“action”: “GET_REQUEST”,

“property”: “myhotel”



CodeYesNumbercodeAccording to specified response code
DescriptionYesStringDescriptionDescription of the returned code value
Record ListYesStringACTION_LISTActions and Data Array
ActionsYesObjectAccording to Action ID.

Mandatory if exists data in the pending queue
BOOKING > Reservation data
COS > Class of Service
WMSG > Waiting Message
WAKE > Wake Up message
DND > Do Not Disturb
RS > Housekeeping code
MSGTXT > Message to the Guest
MUR > Request for room cleaning


“code”: 0,

“description”: “OK”,

“ACTION_LIST”: [ (Data and structure according to each type of record) ]


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