Connect your hotel to Cloudbeds

pmslink is able to connect Cloudbeds with …

Telephone systems (PBX):

  • Monitors and invoices telephone calls made by guests.
  • The guest’s name will be displayed on the reception phone’s display.
  • Allow or deny calls based on room occupancy, avoiding calls made in unoccupied rooms.
  • Maids will be able to send cleaning codes to Cloudbeds to notify Room Status (clean, dirty).
  • Maids will be able to send Minibar charges to Cloudbeds by dialling codes using the telephone in the room.
  • and more…

Check if your telephone system is already connected to char pmslink: 

IPTV systems (TV):

  • Display a welcome message in the TV room when the guest checks in.
  • Send charges for the contracted TV services (movies, hotel services, …) to Cloudbeds.
  • Display the guest’s bill on the TV system*.
  • Allow the contracting of services offered by the hotel through the TV system*.
  • Allow express checkout from the TV system*.

* Depends on the capabilities of the IPTV system installed in the hotel.

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Hotspot systems (WiFi):

  • Guests access the captive portal by identifying themselves (e.g. first name and surname + room number) avoiding the use of complex passwords.
  • Send Internet charges to CLoudbeds in case of need or special premium plans to be contracted by the guest to have a better Internet experience.

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Key Access systems:

  • When checking in, the mobile key is sent to the guest.
  • Allows integration with Guest APPs to send the mobile key.

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Automation / Domotic systems:

  • Guest arrival information is sent to the automation system to control the room temperature prior to guest arrival.
  • Optimise room energy consumption.
  • The use of sensors and buttons improves the processes for the guest experience (request cleaning, DND, notifying that there is a person in the room to avoid disturbance, …).
  • Room comfort / Temperature control in rooms.

Check if your Automation / Domotic System is already connected to char pmslink: 


    • char pmslink centralizes the connection of all the systems and devices to Cloudbeds through a unique solution.
    • Its much more than just a middleware, its and intelligent, versatile and scalable integration system that provides a solution to any type of integration needed.
    • It helps you to be able to overlook incidents with each connection and to overlook the need to have resources with specific and specialized knowledge for each system connected.
    • The change of any system or equipment connected to Cloudbeds is transparent for the hotel, it does not affect the way of working.
    • It speeds up the solution of incidents, avoiding problems that could affect the hotel services.
    • It solves problems of connectivity and physical means of connection, facilitating the most beneficial architectures.
    • Simple and efficent installation and maintenance processes, making system integration no longer a potential source of problems.
    • Permanent evolution of the integrated systems.


From a single connection, connecting one system to Cloudbeds:

Or connecting many systems to Cloudbeds:

To complex architectures integrating systems in a centralized way: 


char pmslink is recommended for any type of hotel establishments: Hotel Chains, Hotels, Motels, Boutique Hotels, Vacational Rental, Bed & Breakfast, …

It is offered as a Software Subscription through the payment of an annual fee, based on the total number of rooms and the number of systems to be connected to Cloudbeds.

The price includes:

  • Provision of the service
  • Remote onboarding
  • Remote technical support

Contact char to receive your quote:


Technical requirements

  • Technical requirements will depend on the systems or equipment connecting to Cloudbeds.
  • Our sales tam will inform in detail about the specifications for each type of connection.
  • char pmslink runs as a service on a Windows O.S. (char does not provide any hardware or O.S.).




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