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ENG – 20221108 Characteristics char pmslink

VERSION: 20221108

1. Description

char pmslink is an intelligent middleware that acts as a universal connector between hotel equipment and systems, integrating:

  • EQUIPMENT AND DEVICES used in a hotel for internal processes or aimed directly at providing service to its customers, including local or remote communications systems (PBX), access systems to rooms and dependencies (cards and/or mobile keys), internet access systems (HOTSPOT), interactive TV systems, home automation systems, energy efficiency, and in general any equipment or device installed. 
  • Management systems in general, whether developed in-house or by third parties: property management systems (PMS), CRM, databases, guest applications, incident systems, productivity, etc. 
  • Specialized char systems
    • char mkey for access management from mobile terminals of various providers.
    • hmobile staff, productivity tools for internal hotel use and guest service delivery.

2. Architecture

Beyond making physical connections and transferring protocols, it brings intelligence to the connections, so that all the integrated elements can share information and perform actions with each other, but always according to the needs and functionality that each one of them requires.

Designed in a modular way, it allows the connection of an unlimited number of devices and systems (only limited by the capacity of the PCs and O.S. on which it is installed). This modularity makes it possible to treat each element in such a way that its behaviour is similar for each functionality, so that the substitution of elements is practically transparent on the general behaviour of the system.

For example, if the PBX system is replaced, the change will not affect the connected PMS or the HOUSEKEEPING system. The change would be limited to the device driver related to the new PBX. This is extensible to all other elements.

  • The growth of the system already installed, adding new elements when necessary.
  • The integration of new equipment and systems, facilitating the development of new integrations and, being independent elements, guaranteeing that this does not affect what already exists.
  • Easily adapting to any architecture based on the location (local or remote) of the integrated elements:
    • Allowing the centralisation of different hotels with a single management SYSTEM and EQUIPMENT distributed in different locations.
    • Allowing the integration of centralised EQUIPMENT serving different hotels sharing management SYSTEMS.

3. Scope and limitations

The scope and functionality provided by the integration between EQUIPMENT and SYSTEMS through char pmslink is only subject to:

  • The possibility of its realization: The different EQUIPMENT and SYSTEMS to be integrated must provide appropriate interfaces or means to do so.
  • The information or performance limitations of the EQUIPMENT and SYSTEMS themselves, according to their characteristics, purpose and/or licensing.
  • The licensing contracted for char pmslink itself, on the number of integrated systems and systems that require specific additional licensing.
  • The technical and/or physical limits that the hardware and/or O.S. on which the software modules involved run, can support.
  • The functional availability of the integrated elements according to their presence, execution and possible errors in the same.

4. Equipment and integrated systems

char pmslink contemplates integration with EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS:

  • Which are part of the drivers and modules that make up the system, integrated and certified at the time and available as standard in any new installation, according to partial lists in:
    • Who apply on their own initiative, as a result of the requirements of a specific project or because they wish to enhance their integration capacity through char pmslink.
    • To whom char is addressed on their own initiative and/or because they are related to the interest of any of the integrated EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS.
  • In the latter case, a way is sought for the integration to be carried out in the easiest, quickest and most attractive way for the EQUIPMENT and SYSTEMS to be integrated:
    • Adapting char and integrating under the mechanisms and protocols that the EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEM to be integrated provides as a standard means for this purpose.
    • By means of the protocols provided by CHAR as a standard integration API according to the characteristics and purpose to be obtained.
    • Emulating the protocols already used by the EQUIPMENT and SYSTEMS to be integrated.

5. Specific characteristics of pmslink services

In the case of EQUIPMENT and SYSTEMS not integrated as standard in char pmslink, the service offered already contemplates the integration of these new elements in accordance with:

Without the work of this representing an additional cost to the contracted service, and within the deadlines that CHAR deems reasonably necessary. These deadlines will be subject to the availability of the supplier of the EQUIPMENT and PMS for its development, testing and/or certification processes.

Any costs that the supplier of the EQUIPMENT and PMS may require from the CONTRACTOR in order to facilitate the integration (works, adaptations, licences, data lines, etc.) shall be provided and borne entirely by the CONTRACTOR.

The integration with the EQUIPMENT and PMS shall be adapted during the contract to the changes that may occur in them, as well as to the integration with new EQUIPMENT and/or PMS that may replace the existing ones at the time of the activation of the service. That adaptation shall be duly assessed at the time of its occurrence. 

char will coordinate with the personnel of the CONTRACTOR to carry out these connections and setting up works.

The CONTRACTOR shall facilitate the collaboration of its own personnel, or personnel contracted under its responsibility, to carry out the necessary work on the EQUIPMENT and/or PMS, checks, tests, and in general any task that is necessary to carry out on the same and which involves remote or on-site work and/or physical checks at the place of installation.

char is not responsible for the operation or maintenance of the hardware equipment or software modules of third parties that may be involved in these connections, being these under the responsibility of the CONTRACTOR, even though char will collaborate as necessary to solve any incident that may arise.

char will provide remote training to the CONTRACTOR’s personnel on the technical characteristics of the connections made, and the use, if applicable, of the software modules installed, as well as the protocol for action in the event of incidents.

The CONTRACTOR shall provide at the time of activation of the service the data necessary to process the data supplied by the EQUIPMENT and/or PMS for the configuration that may be necessary for the correct connection with the EQUIPMENT and/or PMS involved (rooms, characteristics, numbering plans, rates, etc.)

char will notify the CONTRACTOR, to the contacts and addresses specified, of all the incidences detected in the connection with the EQUIPMENT and/or PMS. 

char will collaborate in the resolution of the incidents, facilitating the report to the supplier involved and will keep the CONTRACTOR informed of its resolution, although without assuming any responsibility in the terms, forms and conditions for this, since it is under the exclusive competence and responsibility of the supplier of the EQUIPMENT and/or PMS involved

Even if these incidents were to prevent the ultimate purpose of the service contracted with char, it is understood that they are beyond char‘s control, being its only obligation to detect and report them and that the claims to which the CONTRACTOR is entitled must be made directly to the supplier of the EQUIPMENT and/or PMS as the party responsible for its own systems and processes.

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