Facilitates integration between electronic lock systems and the PMS in situations where additional effort is required.

Avoids the need for development.

Provides solutions which make connection easier.

Manages the recording of digital cards and keys.

Enhancing the functionality of embedded systems.

Helps to meet required specific needs.

General architecture of the solution

Arquitectura CHAR PMSLINK Keycard

Cases and solutions

[Some cases will be subject to the possibilities and characteristics of the access system.]


Cloud PMS

It does not have an interface for card recording.

An interface is provided for the card recording in the PMS's iFrame.

Via the unique link of the PMS with pmslink keycard endpoint (cloud):

The User interface will be displayed within the PMS itself (iframe) with the options related to the booking, occupants, additional accesses and particularities of the electronic locking system.

Based on the user's action on the interface, the card recording process will be carried out, showing results, transparently for the PMS and performing pmslink keycard the necessary connections and processes.


Cloud PMS

With an interface for card recording, to be connected to the server where the electronic lock system in the hotel is.

Endpoint is provided on the pmslink keycard cloud server that handles connections to servers in the hotel.

Via the unique link of the PMS with pmslink keycard endpoint (cloud):

The PMS will make an http request to the card recording endpoint, providing the necessary parameters for the pmslink keycard to carry out the process against the electronic lock system server, additional recorders and other elements involved, it's independent and transparent for the PMS, returning results synchronously to each request.


Integrated PMS

Required to use encoder / dispenser / third party recorder.

The use of third-party elements is facilitated in a transparent way for the PMS.

By integrating the PMS with pmslink keycard endpoint:

It is possible to specify the keycard encoder on which the process is performed. The pmslink keycard will route the process to the selected encoder according to the connections, options and procedures to be performed transparently to the PMS and the electronic lock system.


Integrated PMS

Must upgrade to a new version of the electronic lock system to get new functionalities or services.

Compatibility is provided transparently to the PMS.

The PMS uses the supported version interface for connection to the electronic lock system, and for connection to the pmslink keycard, which acts as an emulator and connector between versions.

The changes to the specifications will not require new developments for the PMS.


Integrated PMS

Must additionally manage the creation of digital keys in guest app.

Functionality is provided transparently to the PMS.

The PMS performs the key recording process in the usual way and additionally pmslink keycard performs the necessary processes for sending the digital key to the App system of the electronic lock system itself or third parties involved.


Non-Integrated PMS

It has its own API and requires the access system to be adapted to its specifications.

Integration with the PMS is done according to its own requirements, acting as a connector between the PMS and the electronic lock system.

The PMS performs the card recording using its own API integrated in the pmslink keycard, which translates to the specific API in the electronic lock system, transparent for both.

Both the PMS and the electronic lock system do not require development to achieve the integration.


Non-Integrated PMS

Must develop the new integration.

Integration is achieved by emulating third-party interfaces already implemented in the PMS.

The PMS connects directly to pmslink keycard, either through integration at that moment or already done before. The PMS will have a single interface to integrate with all the electronic lock systems.

The pmslink keycard API is designed to support the basic functions with the minimum needs for development by the PMS.


Complex connections

Situations where the architecture requires complex connections. A single PMS for several electronic lock systems, several PMS to be connected to a single electronic lock system, etc.

Integration for any architecture is provided.

Pmslink is a universal connector ( that it is adapted to any type of architecture, solving complex grouping and routing, in any distribution required.


Complex connections

Complex and specific projects where specific solutions are required.

Solutions to specific projects are studied and provided.

Pmslink keycard provides:

char's experience in systems integration.

The versatility of charpmslink ( to be adapted to any connection needs.

The knowledge and the contact with the elements that will be part of the solution.


Complex issues

Incidents in complex situations related to the integration between the electronic lock system and the PMS, where it is difficult to determine the origin, cause or solution.

Level technical support is provided to attend to and determine the origin of incidents, routing the solution transparently to the hotel and the affected element, providing accurate technical data.

The pmslink keycard assumes the integration between the elements involved and therefore the supervision of the whole system, being the first level support in case of incidents.

Knowing the details and particularities of all the elements guarantees the detection of the origin of incidents, the exact and documented reporting to the party involved, facilitating the work and speeding up the solution of problems.


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