Specialised training for distributors

Get autonomy to install char pmslink, support your customers and to offer them more added value.


Get autonomy in your installations and in the management of your clients: image, integrated into your service structure, under your procedures and SLAs, etc.

Added value

Bring your own added value to the service: quality, presence, immediacy, SLA, etc.

Business opportunity

By marketing the service in scope and conditions that extend those that pmslink provides directly, and therefore at rates commensurate with the benefits offered.

Details of the possibilities that the training offers you

Trained distributor Untrained distributor
Can carry out the installations autonomously. Can contract in the cases that they want the installation to char (at tariff price). Have to contract the installation to char. Example: price for 100 room hotel: 150.00 €.
Do the maintenance for their customer. Can contract second level maintenance to char. That means, char offers the maintenance to the distributor. Example: price for 100 room hotel: 88.5 €/year char offers the maintenance for both, the distributor and the final client. Example: price for 100 room hotel: 177 €/year


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