char pmslink integration with Grandstream systems



Connecting Grandstream systems in Hotel environments

char pmslink acts as a middleware between the Grandstream system installed in the Hotel with any external system / equipment, such as Property Management Systems (PMS), Hotspot systems, IPTV systems, etc.

Our large number of PMS and/or systems supported will help you in the integration of the Voice communication system covering all Hotel needs.

HMobile connect is now char pmslink

In the past, and as it may be still referenced in some Grandstream documentation, the name of the middleware was “HMobile Connect” instead the new name char pmslink.

In fact, we are talking about the same solution, but due to organizational company reasons, it has been decided to rename the solution to char pmslink.


pmslink acts as a middleware to integrate all Hotel systems, centralizing the information in an unique solution.

How pmslink does it work?

Lets see a check-in and a call made by the Guest as an example…

1) Guest arrives at the Hotel and starts the Check-In process. Guest information is introduced in the Property Management Hotel System (PMS) by the Receptionist.

3) pmslink receives the information from the PMS and then sends commands to the PBX in order to allow calls from that room number, set reminders, …

2) Once the Check-In is done in the PMS system, the information is sent to char pmslink through the proper interface between both systems. 

4) In the case a phone call is made by the guest, the PBX sends that information to pmslink and pmslink sends the information to the PMS for Call Accounting purposes.

Events managed between the PMS and Grandstream 

Communication FROM the PMS system TO Grandstream system


Allows to make outgoing calls


Outgoing calls are not allowed



Move guest information data to the new room



Updates any new guest information entered


Enable Wake Up calls to guest rooms


Allows to set ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature to the guest room


Allows to turn ON / OFF message’s lamp on guest phone

Communication FROM Grandstream system TO the PMS system


Send charged guest calls to the PMS


Send Room Status codes to PMS (clean, dirty, …) dialed from guest’s room phone


Send Minibar charges to the PMS system



Send Reminders / Wake Up notifications (Cancelled, Activated, Answered, …)


Do you want to know how we work? See below how to proceed...
New sales opportunity: Which data I need to provide to char for a quotation?

Congratulations! If you are here it is because you have a new opportunity and need to quote our solution to integrate the Grandstream system with the Hotel PMS.

The information below must be sent to char ( to be verified and guarantee the success of the installation:

  • Country / City where the application will be installed:
  • Hotel Name:
  • Rooms:
  • Dealer (Company name):
  • Manager / Technician (Name, Tel, mail, …) to schedule the installation:
  • PBX installed (model):
  • PMS:

It is very important to detail the PMS system installed in the Hotel to verify that it is already supported by char. You can see the list of PMS integrated here.

In case the PMS is not listed, please provide a contact (name/mail) of the PMS company to give us the opportunity to contact with them and evaluate the possibility to make the integration with this new system. There is not any extra cost from our side.

The license is based on the rooms managed by char pmslink, so it is important to give us the exact number of hotel rooms.

Once this information is received, we will send you an e-mail with the quotation and our specifications to meet the basic requirements.

If you are a new customer/distribuitor, you can also be able to send your company details through our Registration Form in order to allow us the sending of quotes and Proforma Invoices.


Minimun Requirements

Because char pmslink is a middleware between the PBX system and the PMS system, the first and more important requirement will be to have the PMS INTERFACE activated in the Hotel PMS system to integrate with char pmslink.

For example, in case of Oracle Opera PMS is installed in the hotel, you’ll need to ask the Hotel to have the following interface activated in Opera:

Name: “char – hmobile connect PMS IF” by cHar Desarrollo de Sistemas, S.L (name recently updated. Before its name was: TMS I/F – CHAR CONEXION PMS)
Part no: 5001-258
Type : TMS/IF

For the rest of PMS systems, you’ll need to verify that the interface with 3rd Party applications is activated in order to exchange information (Check In, Check Out, Room Status, Reminders, …) bewtween the PMS and char pmslink.


Minimum Requirements

For the installation of char, you must provide us with a computer on which to install it, either on a cloud server or a local computer.

  • The requirements of this equipment will depend on the complexity and integrated equipment. For the integration between a PMS and a PBX system, it would be necessary for pmslink to have at least 1 GB HD, 1 GB RAM and a Windows7 or higher O.S on a non-dedicated PC (physical or virtual).
  • Internet access will be needed in order to enable char’s technical department to carry out maintenance, installation and the system start-up remotely. It is also needed for license activation and application download.
  • We use Teamviewer15 to make the remote connection, you can use the following link to provide us with the Teamviewer’s ID.
  • If the remote connection must be done through any other method, you must provide to char the connection data.
  • PMS interface activated to allow the connection with char pmslink.
  • System/Equipment interface activated to allow the connection with char pmslink.
  • It is mandatory to have technical support from the PMS and/or any external system/equipment to be integrated with char pmslink, in order to make adjustments, data verification, driver setup, etc. in case of necessity.
  • In order to integrate systems, a cooperation of all parts is needed (System/Equipment support, PMS support, End user support, Hotel IT Manager support, etc.)
  • Call Prices: In case PBX integration, we need to receive information about the price of each type of call (local, mobile, special calls, free calls) to create a new Operator for Call Accounting.

In case a virtual machine will be installed instead a physical equipment, the minimum requirements (please contact us before) are:

  • CPU CORE: 1
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • O.S.: Windows 7 or above (any current version of Windows)
License Purchase

We offer two ways to purchase char pmslink software:

  • License Purchase mode
  • Software Subscription mode


It means that the buyer will be the owner of the license. It is a perpetual license. You are able to resell the license to the End User in case of Dealers.

The license is based on the total amount of rooms to be managed by the application and the systems to be integrated.

By the default, the license must support 2 devices, commonly used to integrate the PMS system and the PBX system.

In case you need to add any other external system (Hotspot, IPTV, …) you must add an additional device in charpmslink license (please contact us).

You can see the pricing in this page, where at the end of the page you will find a calculator to calculate the price of the license. You only need to insert the total of rooms (devices=2).

The license purchase includes:

  • License
  • Remote installation / Systems start up
  • First year of Remote Technical Support

For more details, please contact us:


Software Subscription MODE

This is the Software Subscription mode. That means that you pay an annual fee for the using of the license, including:

  • License use Rights
  • Remote Technical Support

Using this method, the Hotel will not invest an initial amount of money to have char pmslink.

The Hotel may unsubscribe this service in case it is not needed any more (must be notified in advance).

The annual fee price has been studied to be very competitive and a good option to have in mind.

It is important to mention that the remote installation and technical support are included in the price of the annual fee.

You can see the pricing in this page, where at the end of the page you will find a calculator to calculate the price of the license. You only need to insert the total of rooms (devices=2).


Payment Methods

Regardless of the purchase method (license or Software Subscription) the first payment must be always done by advance.

We accept bank transfers and payments through PayPal.

You have to take into account that char must receive the exact amount of EUROS indicated in the quotation.

Any kind of commision, bank transfers costs, paypal commisions, taxes, etc must be taken into account before to make the payment.

We always send a Proforma Invoice to make the payment where you will have all our bank details.

We only accept payments in EUROS currency.

Invoices will be sent by char through the company CHAR DESARROLLO DE SISTEMAS, S.L. located in Spain and the amount will be reflected in EUROS in all cases, waiting for its payment in the same currency and for the exact amount indicated on the invoices. Any kind of commission, bank costs or other differences must be assumed by the buyer.
In addition to this, in the case that by legislation of the country of destination, any type of tax retention must be made on the invoice, such retention must be justified by an official document and valid for the Spanish Tax Agency.



  • Integrates several systems with the PMS installed in the Hotel (Hotspot system, IPTV system, …).
  • Acts as service in the PC where it is installed (Windows O.S.).
  • Allows the integration with any of the hundred PMS already supported by char.
  • pmslink is able to be offered by perpetual license or Software Subscription (annual fee) mode.

If the PMS system that you are looking for is not listed, we are always open to make new integrations with any PMS system.


pmslink Presentation

Download pmslink presentation for Grandstream systems



PMS Supported

Download the list of PMS supported by char pmslink



Equipment & Systems supported

Download the list of Equipment and Hotel Systems supported by char pmslink



In this section you can find relevant information about Grandstream documentation that may help you to integrate pmslink with UCM series.

HMobile PMS Integration Guide

You can download the Guide to configure the Grandstream UCM to be integrated with char pmslink (name updated from HMobile connect)

Grandstream UCM6200 Series User Manual

You can download the User manuel for UCM6200 Series IP PBX.

Case Study: Swiss Spirit Hotel

Case Study about the succesfully integration between Grandstream system and Oracle Opera PMS through pmslink interface (HMobile connect).

Case Study: ACCOR Hotels

Case Study for one of Accor flagship hotels in Paris, the Novotel Paris Couer d’Orly Airport, where pmslink has been implemented to integrate the Grandstream system with Fols PMS.

Case Study: MAJESTIC Elegance Costa Mujeres Resort

Case Study for the implementation of the Grandstream voice IP solution where pmslink has been implemented to integrate with the Hotel PMS.

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